Monday, 9 January 2012

Extended holiday programme: Bug hunt

Today is back to school day but not for us. My eldest boy is convalescing although these pictures may not make that evident. I am grateful that youth is on his side and the healing is quick. I am weary and so no getting dressed for the boys today. This is the explanation I am offering for my youngest boy's attire, there's nothing like a bug hunt in your jim jams and your new favourite hoodie top that 'Aunty beddie biscuits' bought!

I think of things to do that don't involve much effort or indeed a screen, there has been much screen presence here for many days. The bug hunt is on and they remain engaged for almost half an hour which impresses me and exceeds expectation. Distraction hovers and then pesters, so onto ball games where there are some tough tackles, I have to call foul but only a couple of times but I am grateful, so very happy for fresh air. After a good while it is time to go inside once more and boy do those pickled onion flavour space raiders taste good. I share a story with the boys about memories of buying space raiders at a corner shop not far from Grandma Peppermint's house, I think this will bore them but they smile sweetly. My eldest boy begins telling me a space raiders inspired story, it is complex and I have to pay attention as he questions my comprehension of the narrative. I am playing my supermum card, so I offer hot chocolate followed by a promise to play an infinite amount of board games .... This is day one.

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