Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Today is all about getting prepared. House cleaned from top to bottom, including all bedding changed. Four loads of washing hung and dried. Duck roasted with orange and rosemary for hubby, haddock dish with rice for tonight, pasta bake and bolognese dishes sorted. Shopping done. Phone calls made. Three afros washed, well make that one afro and two wafro's (white + afro). Overnight bag packed, just in case. Ok. It may be a while till I show my face here, I'm preparing to look after a dear one of mine who is off to have a minor surgery.

I'll leave you to ponder this fantastic documentary film about artist and photographer Sally Mann. It is a wonderful incite into the marriage between artist identity and daily life and all that blurs in-between. I have found it hugely inspiring and hugely rewarding. It also made me long to own land and horses which is never a bad thing!

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