Sunday, 1 January 2012

Out with the old, in with the new.

I am bidding 2011 farewell and still I have a smile on my face. I am pleased to say that I have achieved success in this last year and that success has been based on finally learning to manage my own expectations of ... myself. I started 2011 really wanting to find some old assemblage of myself, one that I could patch up, one that by the end of the year would look nearly as good as new. Starting a blog was very much part of the search both for the old and the new me and the re-defining of my Artist identity, my identity outside of being a wife and mother. Today marks a year since my first blog post and it has been nothing short of a cathartic adventure. I have felt cleansed by the freedom to express thoughts and feelings here without any real burden of what others might think.

Blogging has served as a regular ablution, a comfort, a focus. The blogging community at large has been a true inspiration. It is a community in which I have found other like-minded folks,friends, people up against the same problems or experiences, doubts, pressures that I regularly encounter. A community of people commenting on daily dips and triumphs, big and small, creative journeys and new ideas and above all a community thriving in sharing, offering support and solace to a huge and varied audience making it something very special to be a part of. All of this and all without you having to leave the house!

I will be taking a little time to reflect on this last year, it may take some time before I have any more words to share about it, if indeed there is more to say. I am looking forward to finding some words to talk about the two performances that I documented over the christmas period with the help of some very talented and generous friends, there is definitely more to say here.

In the mean time I am wishing you all a very happy new year, a very fulfilling 2012!!!


  1. Thanks for giving a lovely window into your life, and really enjoy reading your thoughts and photos, like sparklers - great one to end a year on. Success is over-rated, and nothing wrong with the old or new you, but please keep writing!

    Our new years resolution is spend more time with friends - hope to meet up soon in the NY!

  2. Awww thanks Marcus, great to know someone out there is reading one's blabbing! It was lovely to see you thriving in the playgroup setting once again just before x'mas. I spoke to lots of the mums who were full of praise about you!!! My favourite quote of that day: 'I love it when Marcus is leading playgroup because he really plays and interacts with the kids so you don't have to'!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and contribution to our local community, particularly this amazing work with our little ones. I promise you it doesn't go unnoticed. Lets meet up soon xxx

  3. Beautifully, soulfully written - here's to the continuation of your blog and your work and growth outside of it, shared through it. It is wonderful to see these insights, and you do so with great generosity too

    happy new year, may abundant blessings continue to fall upon you and your beautiful family, and look forward to continuing our reconnection, hurrah!

  4. Thank you honey! I am SO glad that one random and nostalgic day, I thought to look you up again! It's good to have you back in my life Zaz!!!