Saturday, 11 February 2012

Missing out

Left hand drawing by right hander struggling with self portrait

I should not be here in bed. Instead I should be at my sister's house beginning celebrations for her fortieth birthday. This celebratory week-end has been weeks in planning and to say I am disappointed by my little family and I being unable to attend is an understatement. Instead, the eldest boy and I are sniffing and wheezing and coughing in unison, watching episodes of the Cosby show ('mum show me something that you used to watch when you were younger'). My little one appears to be on the mend which is why I imagine he had the energy to LOCK himself in the bathroom this morning. I think hubby was actually quite excited that he had to 'use a calculated super-dad kick' (his words!!) to gain entry to our bemused three year old! That's about as much excitement as we can muster in this house right now.

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