Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An apple for the teacher? Nah, give something hand made instead!

It's tricky at the end of the academic year, when that time comes round to show your appreciation for the people that have been educating your children all year long. This year, like the ones before it I considered the boxes of chocolates, wine, fresh flowers, potted plants but then I decided upon making my own gifts this year. I have no idea if my style of work would be to the teachers and support staff's taste but as far as I'm concerned there's nothing quite like something hand made plus my mother raised me to firmly believe in the principle that 'it's the thought that counts'! So with twenty four hours to go before school's out for summer, I set to work on making my own cards and A6 canvases and a framed collage (I'm adding framed works to the repertoire) and the results are what you see here. The words: 'Your heart is full of kindness' appear on each work, words I truly believe of each of the boys lovely teachers, what an incredible job they do! 

It has been such a blessing to have positive teacher experiences in the boys nursery and school, so encouraging to speak with teachers who in spite of the large classes speak of your children as individuals, knowing some little nuances about them that persuade you that they are not just a number amongst many. When Elliott's nursery teacher lined the children up on their last day and presented them with a small gift and then hugged them each goodbye wishing them a very happy holiday, I had to do everything in my power to stop the tears from falling and from indeed lining right up alongside them ready for my very own cuddle from the wonderful Mrs. Davis, who I might add was completing her fortieth year of teaching! No wonder she worked her magic on that busy, 'ants in his pants' boy of mine! I will be forever grateful that his first experience of a teacher was one of someone that embraced his energy, that was endeared to his random naps through the day and nodding off at story time, a teacher who I so often saw looking at him endearingly, a teacher who calmly brought him to some understanding that there is time for exploding energy and time for calm and quiet.

I am also thankful for Mrs.Henzell who made Zach's heart and ambition soar when she told him she looked forward to seeing his books published and that she would tell her pupils that the book they were looking at was by an old pupil of hers! I'm thankful for Mrs.Naven and her incredible energy and enthusiasm and how that very energy and warmth welcomed Zach back to school after a three week absence when he had an op earlier in the year, how she aided that adjustment (as did Mrs.Henzell) that could have been so unsettling, welcoming him back with arms literally wide open, giving him a squeeze and a 'we've all missed you so much!' worthy of any great and deep loving matriarch! 

So, a final thank you to these wonderful educators, your hearts are full of kindness and that's something to truly aspire to!

I'm really enjoying making runs of these cards, love how they're subtly different!

6" x 4" frame, really like these frames and this size! 

I used some of my hand made bits and bobs to gift wrap my friend's present too! 

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