Sunday, 14 October 2012

He ain't heavy ...

Those dear boys of mine have done me proud this week-end. A tricky week-end with illness and the limitations that accompany that plus too much screen time and still they have found time to be kind and tender with one another - most of the time at least! Saturday morning was the perfect example with them sharing long cuddles whilst watching old school Tom & Jerry cartoons. Films, donuts and Grandma's knitted blankets made for two smiley faces after our trip to the shops for some gentle exercise and fresh air. Knitted blankets have long had a history of offering comfort and healing in the Broadhurst - (my maternal Grandmother) Acquaye family. I always  reached for mine in times of ill health and still do and I'm pleased to see that this tradition is being passed down to my little ones, Grandma Peppermint would be very proud. For that matter Tom & Jerry has a history in the family too, my brother and I used to love to hate the stress of watching Tom 'get it'; my brother used to shake his leg in suspense all the way through the episode, a habit that my eldest has now acquired. I seem to have passed on other traditions too of a not so pleasant nature, that eldest of mine cannot keep his fingers out of his mouth. Yep, he's a filthy nail biter just like his mama! It is a coping method I assure you, today is my big sister's due date and I am crazy excited and crazy nervous! It's baby madness in my world right now and believe me a little nail biting has to be done to ease the nerves. Suggestions for alternative coping strategies gratefully received. 

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