Friday, 25 January 2013

Cool like Jackie Brown

Introducing KIZZY. I'm working on a story for this woman!

When I was a little girl I remember being really excited about watching a programme about another girl, an older girl whose name also began with the letter 'K'! I remember watching her writing in the sand with a stick, pronouncing each letter aloud as she wrote K-I-Z-Z-Y. I was a little bit in awe of Kizzy. She did things that she wasn't really allowed to do because, well, she wanted to and she felt that there wasn't a good enough reason not to. I didn't know then that I would so often think of this character. This sassy girl with the same initial as me. One of my first heroes. I began thinking about her again this week and about other heroes of mine, people who in my day dream moments I might embellish into my ultimate graphic novel character, my very own ultimate superheroDrawing is hard work and it's painful when you're out of practice but a few days into I am loving drawing and experimenting again. I've also been preparing lots of paper with collage that I plan to draw onto, hopefully lots of layers and some narrative too. Note to self, keep drawing even when you don't like what you end up with because there's generally something more interesting just around the corner ...

Introducing DREW. I drew her nearly two years ago on my 36th birthday.

Introducing ASH. She's pretty scary right? Oh yeah!

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