Tuesday, 18 February 2014

For everything there is a season

I've been thinking about seasons and how for everything there is a season. It's simple really as a picture, times of battling the storms and the wind and knowing that endurance is key. Times of gathering and harvesting and enjoying the fruits of labour, a time where wisdom suggests putting a little aside for those cold, stormy days and nights. Some seasons of life are so hard, cruel and challenging and others so simple and calm and rewarding. Being a naturally angsty type, I am all at once happy and slightly unsettled by the calm that I am currently experiencing. It is not that problems and inconsistencies do not exist or that sadnesses and a sense of helplessness at different life experiences has completely left me, it's simply that for now I feel I can handle it. Endurance builds strength, even when there is great disturbance and uprooting and damage done, there is what comes next. Hope. 

For me, hope and strength is found  in prayer. It is my calm, the only way that I can effectively weather the storms. I'm lazy though and stubborn, forever thinking I can do it by myself. Forever opting and reaching for distractions rather than putting some work in, sowing seeds, tending to my growth. Life is so transformed when I quieten the noise and clear the weeds from the path. When I am able to walk freely without carrying all that weight. When I am able to be calm, when I myself am surprised at my own reactions and I say to myself, 'remember this', 'remember this', 'remember this'.

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  1. Love this piece - and the post as per! #AllAboutYou

  2. Beautiful words Katy written with a calm and meaningful energy. Thanks for being part of #AllAboutYou

  3. Beautiful post, and a well-needed reminder, thank you x