Friday, 28 November 2014

Perfect Strangers

I love that feeling when mail arrives for you and you don't know who it's from but you can see your name and address have been written out by hand. That feeling when you realise someone has done a little homework and found out a little something about you that has been the inspiration for what it is they have posted to you. That stirring of girlish excitement when you begin gathering the contents of a package to send to a stranger, who has only shared a few words about themselves as an indicator of who they are and where they're at. That feeling when you realise that some of your most favourite things in the world are postcards, washi tape and mixed media and so you bundle these items into an envelope hoping that someone else may enjoy them too. You even put in a partly made mixed media canvas and ask your perfect stranger to complete it, asking them to tell their story. And days later when you've almost forgotten that you sent that package, a day when you're feeling  sleep deprived and in need of replenishment, this perfect little card arrives from your perfect strangers partner. Plus this gorgeous bird image with instructions to use it on your next handmade project! Well, that's when you know that you never have to completely grow up and you know that there's still that twelve year old still dreaming right inside of you and she's not sorry and not whispering, just having fun.


  1. I've never done anything like that! Maybe i should try it once and see how that feeling is :) Thanks for sharing #allaboutyou

  2. I always think 'what a great idea' and then never follow through. It was good fun to take part instead of just thinking of taking part!

  3. I bloody LOVE this!! This reminds me of the letters I sent my friends when I left Birmingham at the age of 18 to move North. So many ramblings and mixed tapes! Letter writing back then was as much about self-expression as it was keeping in touch. Then life took a faster pace and here I am having nearly reached the end of 2014 and having only written maybe a handful of cards, and certainly not a mixed tape in sight. This sound like such a great idea.

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou and sharing your lovely, thoughtful goodies! xxx

    1. Yay! Mix tapes!! That's my next mission Hannah, we all need a great mix tape! When I get round to it, I'll send one your way in 2015 :-) Thanks for stopping by! X

  4. Love this! More post, more snail mail less email - it's certainly more exciting!

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou hon x

  5. Thanks Zaz! I certainly need to send more snail mail your way too, I think of so many little things to say all the time that I should just pop in a letter or on a postcard. Note to self! Thanks for stopping by honey and for hosting this beautiful linky! X