Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Remembering the last days of Summer - 2014

This was the day that we spent in Bewdley. Not too far from home, but far enough to feel like an adventure and with home made sandwiches and a picnic prepared, we headed out. I can still remember the heat of the sun on our skin and the weight of the wind coming in through the open car windows on our journey there. This is important when you're still in the midst of days spent with skin wrapped in layers and car windows firmly closed. Today we at least have mostly blue sky, and I am privileged to be listening to sweet bird song from nearby companions playing in the trees that surround my garden. I am reminiscing about warm and happy days last year spent with these precious ones of mine. Sounds of the river, the smell of fish and chips and vinegar, trainers accidentally covered by river water, ice cream, the really good kind that comes from shops that offer a huge variety of flavours that include butterscotch and bubblegum! Small museums with fun games and sunlight that catches your goldilocks if you happen to be blessed enough to have goldilocks, and walks that lead round winding paths that lead on to bushes filled with hundreds and hundreds of heavy blackberries. Picking and eating berries until your lips are stained and your tongue says no more, and the slightest change in the wind tells you it is time to draw things to a close. I can't be certain on this but I'm pretty sure this day ended with us sitting by the river eating fish and chips. That's mostly how our days end in Bewdley and those simple days are always the best. The days when tired and sometimes wet and dirty, you climb back into the car and on the journey home you catch sight of one boy who falls asleep in minutes. He is flat out with exhaustion sleeping in his seat with curls completely hiding his face, not long after this the other boy, the elder, squeezes your shoulder and says 'that was the best day, thank you mum, thank you dad' and for just that moment everything feels perfect. A perfect summer's day ending.

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