Saturday, 25 April 2015

Chasing the Sun

My husband described our day perfectly today when he said 'today feels like when you receive an unexpected letter, and you're thrilled, and you just sit and really enjoy reading it'. We were actually headed out for coffee and cake and fully expecting to be sheltering indoors away from the April showers, when hubby took a different turn on the road we were travelling along. He finally did it. He took the turn for Morton Bagot. It's a sign we pass often and we always remark that it is the perfect name for a place that Bilbo Baggins or some other Hobbit might live. Morton Bagot did not disappoint I can tell you! We may even have seen a Hobbit in a faux leather jacket chasing a pom pom tailed wild rabbit! We may even have fallen down a rabbit hole and into a different world but that would be telling! We surely weren't expecting the cotton wool clouds and blue sky and the fields and fields of sunshine. Neither were we expecting our legs to be mottled with pollen, or to find earth cracked by the sun like you only see in hot foreign lands. The sunshine took us on a ride and we really didn't want it to end. Those rides are always the best. Always.

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