Monday, 24 January 2011

Legsley and Fifi

I have two very good friends who Elliott my youngest son currently calls Legsley & Fifi.

They're the special kind of friends that know you inside and out, one's that soothe you when you need it, that listen to you rant when you just can't do anything but, that make you giggle till it hurts, friends that bake you a chocolate cake extravaganza every birthday that don't smell of egg(it's a long story!).

So here is a little hand made something I produced yesterday for Legsley & Fifi who I 'heart' so much.

The photographs in the collage are of my mother as a baby and of mum and Grandma Peppermint(Susan Joy and 'Nancy')on holiday in the UK during the 1960's at some point.

Collage and hand written text on A4 paper

Detail of 'Legsley & Fifi' 2011

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