Friday, 21 January 2011

Friends of Susie Sue

Here are some other characters that I created at some point in 2010 when Susie Sue first began whispering ideas to me once more! When all of your art work is either under your bed or in a loft, you tend to miss the connections and dialogues between your own pieces/back catalogue of work. One of the great things that this blog offers me right now is a platform for reflection .... this is especially useful whilst I have no studio as such to speak of.

The illustrations below are works on A1 paper(and detail photographs from that)using a variety of papers, pencils, oil pastel and felt tip pen. The male and female characters drawn here were based on illustrations from 'Mills & Boon' book covers, an on going inspiration based on memories of growing up in Ghana. My Aunty Gita(relative by marriage)moved from Czechoslovakia to Ghana in the 1970's not speaking a word of English and incredibly learned to speak English with the help of 'Mills & Boon'! She had an extensive collection and a sometimes humorous vocabulary!!!

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