Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sweets & Chocolates

When I was four years old my family moved from England to Ghana, West Africa. My dad was Ghanaian and was keen for his four children to experience life 'african style'! The six years I spent growing up in Ghana are still a rich source of inspiration in spite of some bitter sweet memories and experiences along the way. At the moment I am frequently reminded of these memories as news arrives from my sister-in-law and her family, who moved to Madagascar(YES Madagascar!!!! How amazing!!!!)about fifteen months ago.

I remember my mum writing letters to my Grandma Peppermint in England describing the arduous and comical journey to school during the rainy season, wading through rivers with trousers rolled right up, balancing along palm trees that had been laid across streams that had burst their borders, with torrents of water with a strong current ready to carry you away! Well ... life in Africa doesn't change that much from the tales we hear from Eli and family.

So, with these memories in mind I also remembered the sheer joy and excitement that would take over our house when a package would arrive from the uk! A letter from loved ones was wonderful but on those occasions when we would examine the package and detect 'sweets & chocolates', well it was enough to keep us buzzing and talking about it for a week! I was sharing this with my boy Zach and asked if he would like to put together a little package for his cousins, he was thrilled with the idea and so we did just that!

Zach and Elliott showing their enthusiasm

The beautiful Mallett family based in Madagascar


  1. Sweets, chocolate, sound & lighting, Ghana, hmm... would you be interested in working with me for a day or two yr8 in secondary school in March (a really nice one!) for Fairtrade Fortnight? Can pay in real or chocolate money. Will have to properly risk assess those wires, mind.

  2. I'll definitely consider it, I don't normally 'do' secondary anymore! E-mail me a bit more info and what you would be looking for me to do and I'll get back to you. Thanks Marcus x