Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Susie Sue - A Graphic Novel

I created the character 'Susie Sue' in 2003 whilst living in a quirky rental flat in Sherwood, Nottingham and existing in my loft(although not quite a properly converted one, I could only stand up in one central part of the space)studio day-to-day.

My husband was and still is a big fan of graphic novels and had finally convinced me that they were not only read by wierdos and geeks and after a trip to Page 45 I had succumbed and read my first graphic novel, 'Blankets' by Craig Thompson which completely blew my mind!

Having always loved mixed-media and collage, it made sense to me to create a character in pencil and simply add the character to the mixed-media collages I so enjoyed making. I never did get round to making the Susie Sue book but I haven't been able to stop thinking about her recently .... maybe this is her year? It's hubby's birthday in June and he has been asking me for years about when I am going to tell Susie's story ... this would be a great birthday gift and it gives me a deadline too.

More cards and the start of Susie's story coming soon, I promise!

Susie Sue 2003

Work on paper 19.5" x 24" detail

Pencil, oil stick, collage 2003 detail

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