Thursday, 24 February 2011

Down to one

I sure am missing this boy and tonight is only his second night away at Grandma's! Zach, my first born son is a lovely, lovely boy. Of course, I hear you all say, he's your son ... but seriously, he is just the BEST!

He is not perfect(who is!)but he is incredibly thoughtful, perceptive, kind and sensitive to those around him. He shares my wicked, almost evil sense of humour and is totally full of angst, that I'm afraid he gets from both of his parents.

Recently, whilst I have been trying to assume my Artist identity once more, he couldn't have been anymore observant, considerate or supportive. Whilst he had a friend over to play yesterday I heard them deep in conversation and this is what was said:

'look at this picture, my mummy did it. she is an arter'
'do you mean artist?'
'yeah, she's an arter, an artist and she's really good of drawing and did you know she even has a blog!'

It's so gratifying knowing that you're impressing the people who mean the most to you!!! Also, just for context here's another conversation I overheard.

Zach to Daddy
'did you say you're hungry?'
'yeah, I need some food'
'oh, I know what to do'(runs and shouts up the stairs)
'mummy, dad needs some food. can you come down?

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Today was also pretty special because Elliott got to have daddy and I to himself whilst Zach is holidaying solo at Grandma's house. Here are some favorite pictures from our adventure in highbury park.

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