Thursday, 24 February 2011

Working after dark

I am very happy to say that my 'me' time balance is greatly improving ... I am producing more art work even with small children around. As much as I can, I now designate my evenings to creative production whilst during the day I try and prepare blog posts(in between being 'mummy' of course)even if, like right now, I have to bribe my children with watching a film - Elliott is currently watching Dr Seuss' Horton hear a who!

Typically though something's gotta give and this week I have definitely neglected to feed myself the necessary nourishing three square meals. The rest of the family I have dutifully looked after but that extra 'me' time has meant living on diet coke, hula hoops and toast!!!!(it has felt deliciously irresponsible and vaguely nostalgic plus who can cook when you've got oil stick all over your hands)

So, next week when half-term is over it's back to the kitchen and to cooking three healthy meals a day in between school drop off and pick up, playgroup, chores and time with my boys and hubby .... prepare yourselves for angsty Katy next week brandishing a very long creative TO DO LIST!

play room to artist's studio post bedtime

printing from hand-made stencils

detail of Susie Sue - work in progress

hand printed pigeon stencil - addition to previous work

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