Friday, 6 May 2011

No regrets? I'll tell you later ...

Today is a very unusual day? Why? Because today I have decided to try and get Elliott to fit in around me rather than the other way round. I desperately need to try and pull my five pieces of work together and time is running out and with the long, looong holidays ... not much work has been done. Panic is setting in and now it's time for something more decisive and drastic. I'm starting to cut and paste the work I've done so far. This may seem brave but far more brave is the act of denying Elliott playgroup! It's only 9.45am and we only got back from the school run thirty minutes ago and he has already played on his bike in the garden, read some books, done some puzzles and tried to help 'tick mummy work back again' (he's not convinced by the cutting up of my work and would like to help stick it back together). 'I watch somfink', not yet mate we've got hours to go! I'm already sensing that I'm going to cave, playgroup here we come, who was I kidding!!!!


  1. So glad to hear of the struggle as you've made me feel normal (not that i am wishing struggle on you). Wow your images are really begining to come together,exciting times Bab x

  2. Thanks Bab!! Let's keep the dream alive and at least attempt to keep 'making' art work!