Sunday, 17 July 2011

I found Summer at the Fayre

Yesterday was eldest boy's school summer fayre. In true British tradition we put our best 'feet' forward and braved the not so kind or predictable weather and had a lovely time. Amongst the home made cakes, yummy samosas and brick-a-brack, eldest boy was most pleased to find a hand held computer football gameboy thingy for 50 pence and an Indiana Jones Annual 2009 edition for the same price so he was feeling pretty, pretty good!! Just then, she caught my eye and I knew she'd be mine and again for a marvellous 50 pence. How anyone could ever get rid of this beautiful book I do not know but I am forever grateful!! I didn't really NEED yet another book, for our bookshelves are already full to the brim. But I think there's enough room for just one more ....

I then found this underneath the dust jacket ... just beautiful!!!!

P.S Sorry that the images are a bit shaky. The book was a larger scale than my scanner so it was a bit tricky and by the time I realised the quality wasn't great, it was too dark to photograph!!

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