Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Limping to the finishing line.

Tired looking mummy and Elliott yielding a light saber

We're all pretty tired now and ready for the summer holidays to begin. This week involves a succession of must go to events and commitments and crazy busyness. The week started with Sports Day. Sorry Elliott for having to restrain you in the pushchair so much of the time, if only you understood that you are actually three years younger than Zach and can't always line up with him and take part in all that he does! However it was very lovely when you shouted 'Go on Zach'. Zach you almost melted my heart away every time that you gave me the thumbs up before embarking on a sporting event. I was very proud of your throwing!!!

Today was the 'Leavers Party' at Cock-a-doodle-doo Playgroup (yes, that's just our special name for it!) and Elliott aka 'Roadrunner' was in paradise with the bouncy castle/balloon combo. This is the play group that I have dropped him off to for three beautiful hours once a week for about the last six months that has enabled me to set up and maintain the blog. I am very thankful for all of the staff at cock-a-doodle-do play group but I am especially grateful for the very beautiful and very lovely Biloo, who regularly dealt with a sobbing Elliott whom she would have to peel from my arms. She is one of those great matriarchs who just has a magic touch plus a twinkle in her eye, she could convince anyone of pretty much anything. Thank you Biloo for convincing Elliott to calmly wave goodbye to me when I leave him.

After much fun and party food Elliott and I sped off to town. I had naively thought that after three hours of bouncing and jumping around that Elliott would sleep whilst I purchased the boys birthday gifts, bought various stuff for pass the parcel and the treasure hunt for Zach's birthday party at the week-end etc. Alas, the boy slept for twenty minutes and then was ready to display in all manner of fashion just how angry he was to be trapped in the pushchair AGAIN for the second day running. Most humiliating moment? The middle of Selfridges, stood by sophisticated older black gentleman, just as Elliott kicked his feet out, making contact with my knee (ouch!!) and shouted 'Mummy, how dare you? No pushchair!!!!'. I was going for the 'ignore' strategy at the time as I'd already used my chocolate and brioche bribery plus I'd done nicey nicey, do you want a cuddle etc to no avail. Sophisticated gentleman burned his eyes into me giving a disappointed look. I looked away and then down towards his feet which were near some cards I was looking at, noticing at this point that this well groomed man had failed to polish his shoes. I took another look at the dusty shoes, looked up and gave a half smile. Dirty shoes, cheeky child, what's the difference? Just little imperfections ....

Beautiful Biloo and Elliott

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  1. Sophisticated gentleman may have thought he was sophisticated, but real classiness is in never judging someone else, and always having a ready, understanding smile if he must look your way at all. And you had no control over your boy's tantrums... he could really have done a quick spit & polish on his shoes!