Sunday, 31 July 2011


I love letterpress. My heart just began singing when I found this vimeo! I was introduced to letterpress when I was a student at Oxford Brookes University sixteen years ago. The very quirky and very lovely Harry was fastidious in his approach to type setting, taking his time (and I mean, reallly taking his time!!) to find the perfect spaces, finding gaps where you had placed none as far as you were concerned, correcting the slightest errors, allowing no room for 'winging it'. It was a wonderful experience to be taught by a pro knowing that you'd make your own alterations and re-interpret what he had spent 45 odd years perfecting. Harry, I think of you often ... I never have seen a shirt so clean and crisp since the days of letterpress with you!!! You played a mean bit of fiddle and your printing was the bomb!!!

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