Saturday, 30 July 2011

Do what you love!!!

Do what you love ... July 2011

It's weird how the human psyche works. The other day when the black guy with the dirty shoes in Selfridges was judging me, I was picking up this card for my sister's birthday by huge, HUGE talent Cori Dantini. When I turned the card over I realized that Cori Dantini was collaborating with local artists and makers - Cinnamon Aitch.

I used to know one of Cinnamon Aitch's hubby's years ago. In fact one of my friends repetitive eek/cringe moments is guffawing whilst taking first sip of a pint of guinness and covering one founding member of Cinnamon Aitch in froth!!! Eek moments aside ... whilst I was searching for inspiration for a clearer vision for setting up an online shop I came across this interview on another great blog Do what you love - only to realize that the Artist being interviewed is the maker of the very card that I purchased for my sis just last week. Bizarro World!!! (I know I need to stop with the bizarro thing!)

I haven't got round to much making recently, bits and pieces and putting together images and mood boards for some new work. I've got some ideas up my sleeve that I'll be trying out over the summer, I need to up my working hours somehow ... but it's the summer holidays so my lovely family must come first. There's so much inspiring stuff out there and so many people just doing it ... I'm so uplifted by the stories of artists like Cori Dantini and such like!!! Plus I'm lovin' the sharing and exchange that is happening in the blogging community, people fearlessly opening their hearts and workspaces up for all to see ... Amazing!!!

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  1. Beautiful card - and there's nothing like serendipity to remind us there's magic in the world! xxx