Monday, 28 November 2011

Painting the town Red

Finally some time alone with that man of mine. The boys taken care of and away for the night and that leaves enough time for an impromptu dinner at a lovely restaurant nearby, deep fried tofu and rambutan duck washed down with a bottle of wine. We clinck glasses at least six times, twinkling with joy at this time alone, time together. The night still young, we move on to a pub close by and enjoy a few drinks there too, all whilst talking excitedly about music, film, travel the same old, same old. Oh how we have missed this! We amble home, cosying up to the cold night. Once home, another drink to complete the scene and onto the Bourne Trilogy, which we are happily remembering. The european film locations quickly stir our wanderlust and we talk and talk about our plans, our hopes and we laugh, really laugh! We fall into bed with me promising to take that man of mine out for breakfast - a favourite past time of his.

We potter around before heading out to the delightful Cherry Reds Cafe Bar for pancakes and syrup and a fabulous veggie breakfast, where I savour the time on my hands and take a few shots of that man of mine ordering breakfast and of the lovely space at Cherry Reds. We talk, of course about those boys of ours and how they make us both scream and smile, we talk about the days when it was just us two, the many breakfasts alone that we had before our two became four. I suddenly pay attention, real attention and you know, that man of mine is a keeper, a real keeper.

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