Thursday, 24 November 2011

We can be Heroes!

Since receiving their latest gifts from Grandma last sunday, as soon as our alarm goes off at 7am I hear them charge into our room and then with giddy excitement they fly down the stairs to change from their pyjamas into their 'outfits'. They have named themselves 'Team ZE' and they are superheroes!!!! My lovely mum (their 'Supergran') at my eldest boy's request has made them superhero outfits. Zach specified the colours and even designed the logo on his chest, quickly sketching a line drawing of what the letter 'Z' should look like. Mum, being the best supergran EVER, followed his instructions exactly and they are so, so thrilled with the results!!! After coaxing them out of their outfits into their clothes ready for school today, they both carefully laid out their outfits plus their capes on top of their toy box ready for their return later. Toys and dvd's have long been forgotten, it's all about fighting the baddies and turning them into goodies, it's all about climbing into their huge wardrobe (a skyscraper) and under their beds (the caves). It's all about 'Team ZE' and I tell you, they make a pretty impressive duo!

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