Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The calm before the storm ...

Thank you for the quiet time alone last friday. For being able to do the school drop off and start my day with the buzz of the city and tea for one. For finding this beautiful rubber stamp (pictured above) that will forever make me smile and will bring much joy. Thank you for week-ends and time together as a family, for second breakfasts and the genius of having a dunkin' donuts next to pret for the ultimate mix it up! Thank you for the pleasure of watching that eldest boy of mine enjoying a moment and folks he really knows how! For play dates and role play and for Grandma's that make fabulous dressing up clothes and grandchildren that appreciate them. Thank you even, for chicken pox because without all of the chaos of itchiness and lack of sleep, the calm of the week-end would not be so sweet. For biscuits with faces on that distract from the itch ... for a little while at least and for building towers with bricks and knocking them down again and again. Like Rocky Balboa once said to James 'Clubber' Lang 'Ain't So Bad'!!! And it really ain't, so, bad!

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