Thursday, 24 May 2012

Being gentle ...

Sometimes life feels clumsy and restless and all about getting jobs done. Sometimes the process is not an enjoyable one and you can wonder about all the workings. At times the journey seems long and arduous, pointless even. I've been thinking about this a lot the past few days, about the journey, about expectations that we have in life. The expectations we place on ourselves and others and how sometimes you just have to let go, let go of it all. Yesterday, I sent a message to a dear one of mine who I haven't been in touch with much lately, I asked if all was well and she replied 'It's all so crazy, especially in my head at the moment'. It was her personal response and yet one that I often feel myself and a feeling that I see being bound up and contained in others close by. Surely this is not the focus of the journey, surely not. Well today this is not the case, today the journey is a good one which is why I find myself barefoot, sitting in the sun, listening to vinyl (yep, with real crackle!) and drinking coconut water (sadly from a can and not a tree!) with a smile on my face. I am being gentle with me today, I am letting go of 'I ought to' and instead I'm drinking in these words and enjoying the journey, I'm hoping that you're doing the same.

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