Thursday, 10 May 2012

This is today

I haven't managed to get here recently, I'm kind of juggling all of my balls at the moment and none of them have dropped yet but ... any minute now! I feel very tired today, the kind of emotional tiredness that really wants to dominate you that is matter of fact and that really just needs to run its course. I know the source, people that I love dearly are facing challenging times and are suffering and there's not much I can do about it. For anyone this is hard, for a control freak this comes with extra challenges. Determined for some reason not to shed tears instead my body has found a way to manage this time of trial - my right eye is twitching intermittently and it's extremely aggravating. Now I don't know if I am experiencing stress because of my concern for my loved ones or because I'm stressing about twitchy eye or both! Regardless, amidst this I have been doing a little making ... you know the pattern, when I don't know, I make stencils. So, here I am currently working with mixed media on A4 canvas using hand made stencils. It's all looking a little naive at the moment but hopefully once I've built up my layers, worked into the stencil prints with a little pencil and played with some text it'll look alright. More to come very soon I hope, twitch twitch. 

Canvas propped up on my mantlepiece whilst I think about what's next.

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