Saturday, 16 June 2012

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.

My hubby as a boy.

Right now, this minute I am meant to be wooing my husband. Right now, I'm meant to be in a coffee shop or doing a spot of impromptu shopping, perhaps eating a little tapas with a cold glass of good white wine in hand whilst staring into the green eyes of my beau! Alas, this is NOT the case! Yesterday was my hubby's 38th birthday and so you see, today there was a plan and the plan involved dropping those boys of ours off at Grandma's at 12 sharp today and then freedom, sweet freedom from parenting for 24 hours. Our romantic week-end was warming up nicely, after the kids inspired birthday party for daddy with a brownie tower birthday cake made by me to my eldest boy's specification with balloons decorating our sitting room to the youngest's specification, that done and the boys in bed it was time for a good bottle of red, some tender and lovinginly prepared food for me and for him and nestling down to watch some birthday dvd's. Tick, friday night's warm up to our w/e! But then at around 2am a little voice said 'mummy' in a very sad tone followed by the words 'I've got tummy ache' (unheard of in our house) and one quick trip to the bathroom later, it became apparent that all was not well with our youngest boy! Suffice to say that neither the boy nor I got any sleep between 2am and 7.30am! After the double feature of 'Bee movie' and 'Up', finally feeling confident that my little man could keep two sips of water down, we headed back upstairs to bed where hubby and the eldest boy had slept on uninterrupted by the repeated heaving and flushing of the toilet, how do men do that? It surely must be biological! So now, it's back to the planning stages, the negotiating with a very much in demand Grandma, searching for a window to spend a little one to one time with that man of mine. I hope we manage it before our wedding anniversary in September, it will be our 17th year of marriage and we're trying to remember to cherish one another with the fondness that we had right at the beginning all those many years ago. It is a discipline you know, remembering to cherish, remembering to love ... remembering to stop and listen, remembering to slow down, committing to moving through those times with rough edges. Our plans haven't quite panned out as we would've liked but that's okay, I am looking forward to a little time alone with that beau of mine, whenever that shall be.  

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  1. Ah, so sorry to hear the trials of poor sickly littlie and the disruption of your weekend plans! Can't believe September will be your 17th year of marriage, amazing! I found a pic just the other day of your wedding day. Your relationship is inspiring Katy, and always so beautiful to read whenever you write about your family with such tenderness. Much love to you all xxx