Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A little of June and July

My dear friend 'Legsley', she's such a great teacher and all the children were captivated!

We packed quite a bit into June and July and our adventures involved other little ones and friends. I often have a moral dilemma about whether to include images of these adventures involving others on the blog, it's a little bit of a grey area for me personally. Even when people have given permission for me to use images of them on the blog, if I know that they do not have an online presence it can feel like a huge responsibility representing them in this forum. As a compromise I have omitted some images and carefully selected others, all part of the editing process. Part of the enjoyment for me of showing our (friends & family) day to day is  to have something to look back on in years to come, an on line diary, a modern day photo album. I find that what I don't post here for posterity, simply ends up backed up on some hard drive rarely ever seen and certainly up until now NOT printed out as a hard copy nor made into a beautiful keepsake album! If I hadn't kept a diary when my boys were little I know for sure that I would not remember many of the 'firsts' nor many of the seemingly mundane things that in times past become wonderful momentoes. So, Zach and Elliott these little moments are for you my lovely ones, maybe not for right now but for when you can't remember what we used to get up to!

'Legsley/Lelly' showing the kids what to feed the pigs

This boy is never still and certainly not when there's a real chicken nearby!

Thank you Legsley for the beautifully, hilarious memory of rescuing a chicken from the pond!

'I love wabbitz' - Elliott (who won't always have this great, great lisp!)

The funniest pig ... EVER!

Water play at Think Tank Birmingham, a 'Tuesday Date' with Legsley & friends.

Elliott showing our littlest friend how to walk/climb on clear glass box housing crocodile skeleton.

Zach at school sports day not long before it had to be stopped due to torrential rainfall.

A new expression that he uses when someone says/does something rude/naughty, I want to remember this!!

We like to take a flask of hot chocolate with us on our traditionally British and wet adventures!

Max and Elliott's birthday trip to Thomasland

Natasha, Max & Elliott enjoying a ride at Thomasland

We bought swords full of jelly beans from Sodor Sweets at Thomasland.

Max & Elliott's Gruffalo themed birthday bash at Natasha's.

Natasha's wonderful Gruffalo cupcakes with edible Gruffalo toppers.

Colour in the Gruffalo at Max & Elliott's b'day bash, drawing by hubby. 

Please note, Elliott was the only child who showed complete disinterest in this activity!

Zach's store bought 'Avengers' cake. Eleven children, ten of them boys and one punk rock girl plus two adults. We were grateful for a sunshiny day and games in the garden! This is definitely the LAST party at home! Went very well though :)

Zach playing 'the hula hoop' game, his 10 party guests were cheering him on with much gusto!

Zach and guests at his 7th birthday party at home.

Elliott breaking the 'no hands' rule of the hula hoop game!

The boys with daddy's little brother David and their paternal grandparents Pops & Lao Lao.

Zach requested pizza for supper on his birthday, this was around the fifth event to mark the occasion!

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