Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm back!

New born Zach - 2005

For those of you who visit here often, I'm back! After two weeks off, oh how I have missed this space! It has been a time filled with end of term chaos, performances, farewell picnics, birthday parties (my eldest has an unusual amount of friends in his class that also have July birthdays!) not to mention the birthdays of both of my boys and lots of lovely family visits and so it has been a crazy busy time. 

The fact that my boys birthdays are two days apart means that with each year I seemingly become more and more reflective at this time of year about my role as mother and how I have served in this role. This year is perhaps more significant as my youngest has turned four and will begin school in September and  my eldest turning seven just a couple of days after marks seven years of me being a stay at home mum. Seven years of not working full time in a role outside of mother and main caregiver ... I find myself taking a deep breath even as I type the words.

I have been looking back at old diaries, old blog posts, old photographs, old memorabilia that I've collected over these years and I have been savoring it all. I have felt a little sad at times at things that will never be again, I've felt nostalgic, happy, broody, relieved, a whole bunch of feelings. I've also been thinking about all that is yet to come and have felt very excited, ambitious even! I have been mourning those early morning feeds, those first smiles, first laughs, all of those 'firsts' and I have been dreaming of new possibilities. Fantasizing about travel, time spent in the sun, books that I will read, courses I will take, jobs I will have, independence I will nurture, a new phase with my husband .... Change: beauty or burden? A little of both I believe. However, there is hope coursing through my veins and I am relishing another tomorrow... I hope you are too. In the mean time, here's a trip down memory lane.

Precious moment not long after meeting my first born - 2005

My hubby & Zach aged 3. Original photograph by Nir Segal

Me, Elliott & my beautiful niece. Original photograph by Nir Segal

Elliott aged 6 weeks. Original photograph by Nir Segal

Elliott aged 6 weeks. Original photograph by Nir Segal

Zach aged 3. Original photograph by Nir Segal

NB Apologies that there's some ugly formatting thingy going on with this post but I am losing the will to live in trying to correct it. Also, when I can figure out my hubby's sign in on our old computer with all the date ordered baby photographs and the various places that said photographs are 'backed up', I might do a comparison collection of the boys baby photos. Why oh why did I not print hard copies and make baby albums as I went along!!! YES - it's on the list!

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