Thursday, 28 February 2013

As time goes by ...

They argue. Occasionally they hurt each other on purpose. Sometimes the younger one finds ways to taunt his older sibling, he finds ways, clever ways. At times the older boy just won't let the younger one find his own way and will insist on providing instruction, the younger is happy to take it or leave it, he's his own man after all. Very often and most often they simply find their way, together. And they are content, pleased, sincere. They jump to each others defence when a parent is issuing warning, they advocate privileges for one another, they each desire to smooth the rough if there has been any rough and certainly they will kiss and make up each and every time and before the sun goes down. For a while now I have thought to pull out old baby photos and write a little about their early days but I haven't, all the photos are backed up and not that easily accessible and day after day, month after month I just don't get round to it. Today however, as soon as I took the two last shots of these dear boys I knew I just had to compare whatever earlier shots of them I could find because these days are going by so fast ... so perhaps one day soon I'll get round to compiling something a little slicker, a little more thought out but perhaps I won't. Perhaps this says all that I have to say. My children are growing and growing and growing and growing. I try not to blink, I don't want to miss a thing. These pictures are a reminder to be mindful. I must blink, we all must but I'm fixing my eyes in their direction. I want to see as much as I can see, to see into, to see behind, to see all around. What do I see? I hear you ask. I see what it looked like before, I see what it looks like right now and I see what I forecast it will look like in the future. What I see is beautiful, truly beautiful even the blemished parts. 


  1. what beautify beautiful boys. treasure those freeze-framed memories xx

  2. Thank you honey, it is wonderful to take a look back ... it feels so near and so far but very special none the less x