Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The not knowing ... this is the real part. The most interesting part.

It's another of those times when things are not happening quite as they should. Half of the household have a tummy bug and are therefore home. Really there seems to have been one thing or another keeping me from what I like to call my routine for a little while now. Some things have been lovely things like spending precious time with my big sis and my sweet nephew last week before her maternity leave ended. Watching a little one reaching out with gusto for different food and navigating it round gums that are still fairly new to it all. Seeing him reach out for 'Apu' his soother friend, 'mmm apu, apooooo'. Reading books and remembering that my brain can digest more information than the feed I scroll through daily on Instagram or Facebook! My attention span had reduced so considerably that it took some discipline to complete each chapter at first. I kept finding myself anxious and wanting to scroll upwards to get to a section that grabbed my attention. It's worrying I know, these habits that are formed so easily that stop our thinking or perhaps just my thinking process. It tooksome discipline also today to make something new, since I haven't sat at my desk to make any art work for a few weeks. I always find when I simply sit and literally reach for the nearest materials on my desk and just make, it helps me to break the angst or cycle of feeling that I'm starting from scratch all over again. But then, life is cyclical. We know this. I know this. I do know, this. 

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