Monday, 9 February 2015



There are those days when you wake up and you have no other reason than to believe that they are going to be a run of the mill kind of a day. Monday mornings especially feel like that. You're kind of still mentally saying goodbye to the week-end, warming up and just beginning to wonder what the week is going to present. I was just settling into my day, with the class where I am volunteering when I got the call that my eldest was very unwell. You know, the one that I'd walked to school and waved goodbye to an hour ago. Sure enough when I saw him he was pale and clammy and gripping his stomach. It made for a long walk home, a walk that normally takes us ten to fifteen minutes took quite a while longer. That boy of mine was so uncomfortable and miserable that I considered giving him a piggy back but I knew I'd have no control of those bambi like legs, so slowly we walked. Once home, whilst he struggleed to find a position to be comfortable in, I dished out paracetamol, prepared a hot water bottle for his tummy, gave him some water and then set about letting Grandma know, in case I needed back up later and phoned his dad to come home and get us to take us to hospital to get the boy checked out. Sure enough by the time all of this was in place and we'd arrived at the hospital, he was no longer in pain and we continued to wait three hours to be seen. Grateful that our boy was no longer in pain and sad at the sight of seeing poorly and vulnerable little ones, we breathed a sigh of relief, gave thanks for answers to prayer and eventually left without being seen by a doctor. We kept getting bumped down the list as our boy's obs were normal and he was no longer in any pain and with more and more emergency patients coming in and being seen to, plus our other boy needing to be picked up from school and hubby needing to get back to work for a meeting, we decided it was best to head to the comfort of home. I can't help smile when I look at the photos I've posted here. The first of my eldest looking pretty relaxed, he was actually driving me crazy here with renditions of the cup song! I figured he was feeling better, as was my hubby after his power nap, also pictured. I'm always a little fascinated by how we respond to stress, my hubby can sleep anywhere, anyplace, anytime. So today whilst waiting for our boy to be seen and sitting in a very warm, quiet room (except the cup song rendition!) he had a twenty minute nap, it included snores and his mouth open! I love this man! I think it was sheer fear that kept him awake and so amazingly helpful and supportive through two labours! Anyway, after all of that, boy was I glad that I cooked a meal for the family last night. I just need to stop typing, serve up, wait for hubby to return from his meeting so that he can drop me at my evening class. Three hours of maths might actually feel like relaxation, for a change! I am grateful though, for the nhs and for two boys with smiles on their faces, even if they have been back flipping off the sofa whilst 'watching' Spongebob whilst mum blogs. I figured it has been a chaotic day anyway, I may as well squeeze in doing something I keep meaning to do. I want to turn up here more frequently, I'll try harder. I probably just need more drama, drama always makes me want to write. Happy Monday to you folks! How's yours been?

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