Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The Eve of 2020

I don't like Christmas. You only need to scroll through the blog here to see that I have pretty much written that many times over the years that I have been leaving words here. That's ok. In fact, I am more and more ok with this as I get older. I suppose my acceptance with this admission (and by the way i feel the same way about birthdays, halloween, easter and pretty much any occasion where I'm 'meant' to feel a certain way) comes from not feeling the need to please an audience. There's no writing to pass a course, to achieve a score, to get paid, to uplift an expectant audience. I'm a funny one. Once I knew that this dear blog was not really being read any longer by anyone (if it's not shouted about on one type of social media or another, it's not real and hasn't really happened you see) I finally felt able to write again. Perhaps it's the realisation, that in spite of not really being a fan of new years resolutions, perhaps it's just the opportunity to try, because why not? Christmas has felt mostly like, being stressed about my assignment and then actually getting on with my assignment which needs to be completed by the sixth of this new month that is hours fro arrival. I think today may not be the day to be reflective since I've spent about six or seven hours of it cumulatively typing away words. So, here a picture of my husband and I from Christmas day on a walk in our locality. We'd planned to go for cheeky drink at the pub we're stood outside of, alas there were no seats, so we headed home to watch a Marvel film instead. The second picture is of my three boys, I think it was the week-end before Christmas and we went on a Christmas shopping adventure to Nottingham where this picture was taken. It's in the Lace Market in nottingham which is definitely worth exploring. So, Happy New Year! I'm done. 

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