Sunday, 26 January 2020

Baileys and Broadleaf

I’ve been feeling unwell for weeks now with a cold virus that I just can’t shift. I’ve tried resting and staying in bed with no success, so now I’m trying the ‘keeping busy’ as a distraction tactic. So, I took the family on a little house inspo trip to baileys home which houses a fantastic range of well made, beautifully designed goods set in the most stunning farm buildings in the Herefordshire countryside. Owners, Mark & Sally Bailey have an incredible aesthetic and are clearly artists with a rich practice. Not far away (just a further half hour drive) on Monk Street in Abergavenny, is the wonderful Broadleaf Books which is an adorable second hand bookstore. The brilliant old school kind that houses incredible out of print art books, wonderful books on Japanese illustrations and nooks and crannies boasting heaters and chairs piled with delicious books of curiosity. We got into wonderful conversation with the owner (who I sadly forgot to ask her name) a kindred spirit and one of those good ones who you just want to curl into a chair with a pot of tea and listen to for hours upon end. This delightful woman had seen me admiring a beautiful book - Four Hedges by Clare Leighton - and had pointed out the spectacular wood engravings which I fell in love with immediately. Well, as our conversation came to a close she took it upon herself to gift me this precious book. I couldn’t help but give her a big squeeze as thanks. How lovely life is when your paths cross with delightful, especially after the graft of a not so easy week in which I’ve been told my hours are to be reduced at work due to cuts having to be made as my school restructures. I also purchased a sweet book of Japanese watercolours of plants and blossoms for the bargain price of £4.50. These things make me insatiably happy. That’s two very happy Saturdays consecutively. Yes, I look forward to being able to breathe properly again and not have painful sinuses and I long to have my sense of smell once more and yet how blessed I am, we are (this family of mine) to have. Simply, to have, so much.

Photograph by Stuart Tonge

Photograph by Stuart Tonge

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