Monday, 7 February 2011

Little by Little

work in progress

As I have mentioned before, it doesn't take much 'change' for my daily routine to be off kilter. Some days, weeks, months are just like that ... they just don't go quite to plan. Last week was one of those weeks for me. It started with Elliott having a couple of restless nights and Zach running somewhat on empty and refusing to surrender to illness(he gets this from the Broadhurst side of the family - aka Grandma Peppermint)and so the week was already starting with a build up of sleep deprivation, which in the early stages you are barely aware of but experience tells you that, it will chase you and catch you up and eventually cause you much fuss!

I wasn't too bothered because I had arranged a couple of exciting get togethers with different friends who I don't always see regularly and I knew the expectation alone would see me run on adrenaline. So wednesday night came and off I rushed for cocktails at
'Cherry Reds' with my girls. I arrived late(this is a subject for another post)and having power walked there, as I sat down with my first 'cherry coke' my skin, shall we say glowed a little ... my company however, were looking radiant and beautiful and I was reminded of the days where I too could arrive looking groomed and glow-less! A great night was had by all, a good stomach workout from all the giggles and of course a drink or two too far(Roxy!!!)completed the evening.

The next day my very kind mother took over childcare duty and off I went ALONE to the city centre to meet my dear friend
Sarah. I was extremely grateful for the hot tea and toast at the french cafe that I shared with mum(I couldn't quite face my usual weetabix ie cocktails&wine, ain't so fine!!!!)before setting out, I'm not sure I could have endured the no.50 without it. Upon arriving in town, I was delighted to see that I had about 45 minutes to kill before meeting Sarah and so I indulged in one of my favourite past times - shopping for paper & postcards!

Paperchase in Selfridges is a great starting point, I often use papers bought there for the collages and mixed-media stuff that I make, journal work etc. The postcards are just a habit from my teenage years that I haven't felt the need to break and they are mostly for inspiration but I do sometimes send them too. Despite the tiredness, I felt determined last week to start stocking up on materials and fresh inspiration to get started on more new work. I've had some really wonderful feedback on the blog and some really kind comments about my work but as soon as anyone tells me that my work is 'pretty', like a slightly sulky teenager I seem to react by making work that is less easy on the eye or on the heart, hence the new work pictured. It may well be pretty but please note the 'Susie Sue' type character has facial hair and is somewhat androgynous! I have attempted self portraits(no facial hair, just Kahlo-esque monobrow)but I keep being drawn back to Susie Sue. It's early days but it feels so good to be making stuff. I'm still combining drawing and collage and using felt tips pens, coloring pencils, oil sticks, oil pastels and my dad's trusty old typewriter that I use for a lot of the text that appears. Here are some other pics.

Looking at some of the postcards that I bought plus finally drawing again got me thinking about some of my old journals and the different things that I have been interested in over the years. With that in mind I had a look on the web and discovered so many amazing people doing equally amazing art work. Firstly there's artjunkgirl's moleskins and the fantastic sketchbook project and yet another great blogger recording a daily routine. All of this helps to serve as a great reminder to me that a little and often goes a long way ... hmm now to apply that to all aspects of my life! Here are a few photos from a journal I completed in 2004.

The ever useful postcards also triggered a reminder of another favourite past time of mine- collecting tins! I LOVE tins! Tins for me hold the same gripping power that a found photograph holds, a yearning to find out its history, its previous owner, its age. The combination of colour, text and font, size and shape and uniqueness of the tins, how I have come to own the tin(gift, found, stolen, charity shop). Honestly, the discovery of a great tin can leave me quite bouyant and overcome! Here are are some of my favourites that are really inspiring me. xx

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