Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tis the season to be jolly!

This photo really makes me laugh and serves as a great reminder of the true spirit of christmas, fun, smiles and a little silliness thrown in for good measure! A great time has been had by all in my small clan this holiday season with a special spotlight shining on all the little cousins (my kids and my beautiful nephew and nieces) this year, so sweet and kind and connected they were to one another! It was wonderful to have our extended family members present this christmas after two years living in Madagascar and wonderful and generous too that they put on a great spread of Madagascan food for us all, fourteen in total! It was very moving to watch grandparents interacting with grandchildren, meeting new additions to the family, reconnecting with family members that we rarely see and knowing ... that we are all joined, connected, no matter what.

Christmas highlights for me this year include my traditional and annual game of scrabble with mother, she lets me cheat just as she always has and as my Grandma Peppermint allowed in her days. Watching my sharp, clever and beautiful niece Jekka outwit and out manoeuvre her grandfather 'Pops' whilst he proudly watched on and we laughed and laughed! Cheating at pass-the-parcel and then confessing to my niece and nephew! I had good cause, honest! Hearing my littlest niece shout her cousins names 'Za' and 'liot' and sparring with them as they played with their new light sabres. My big sister's Banoffee cheesecake, sooooo good!! Having an instagram-off with hubby whilst taking a walk into the city centre of Liverpool during our stay with family. I'm thankful for jolly times and hoping for many more.


  1. Ahh...scabble! Did you know you can get a revolving board with indents to stop the letters from sliding all over the place?

    Pleased to see that you had a great Christmas and now that 2012 is with us...lets have an even better one!

  2. Aaahhh Mummyattheschoolgate I've missed you!!! I'm actually rubbish at scrabble but I just love the cosy feeling it conjurs of the family matriarchs past and present! I realised this christmas that I enjoy cheating at games as an adult every bit as much as I did as a kid!!! I love the absolute look of horror on those law abiding faces!!! I thought you'd appreciate that.

    Happy New Year to you Muummyattheschoolgate!