Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A little of summer still left over

Country walks along the canal with a stop off along the way to pet and feed a horse and enjoy our home made sandwiches, flask of hot chocolate included. Hubby easing himself into the holidays with some territorial spraying in the form of re-arranging books, re-alphabetizing our cd's and changing the shelves that we keep our cereal boxes on (no photo proof of the cereal boxes re-arrangement here!) A visit to the town hall to watch the Gruffalo with my youngest just as I did with my eldest a few years back, except I didn't have to stand at the back or cajole this one into staying! This kid was loving the audience participation and didn't need asking twice to 'shout louder'. Our holiday staple, a trip to Oxford, lovely lovely Oxford. Lunch in a pretty university park, the pitt rivers museum, blackwells bookstore where the boys enjoyed spending some of their birthday money on a tin tin book and a star wars flickr book. A visit to museum of modern art with a great Jenny Saville show that included a nude self portrait that revealed both male and female genitalia much to the fascination and amusement of my seven year old boy 'boobs and a willy ... mmm ... interesting' (scuttles off to have a little giggle to himself, followed by 'seriously though mum, she's really good at drawing isn't she?'). More food enjoyed whilst watching rowers and punters along the river, with the occasional worry that Elliott was about to take an unscheduled swim. Discovering flying gliders once again and enjoying watching those boys of mine flying planes in our back garden, fixing and re-adjusting them after crash landings, all for sixty pence ... oh yeah, a real child of the seventies moment! And on that theme there was kazoo fun and swingball too, now if gliders, kazoo's and swingball don't spell out 'summer' I don't know what does! There were also thank you cards to make for all of the wonderful gifts that those, born 3 years and 2 days apart, summer birthday boys of mine ... lego put the fun into everything even thank you cards, all you need are some stickers and a 'thank you'! There are more summer snippets to come, more blog post drafts to complete,  it's time to catch up here on this old blog! 

(NB Apologies to Aunty Julie and Wayne & Pops and Lao Lao and a few other lovely folks, your cards are still sitting on the mantlepiece!!)


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