Monday, 17 September 2012

our week-end, this week-end

American pancakes flavoured with vanilla pod and served with maple syrup. Smiling and then really laughing at hearing that eldest boy of mine say to his dad 'the man from the Great British Bake Off would say that the vanilla doesn't come through'. Checking out my hubby's 'gunz'. A march for a worthy cause. An adventure in our local park that ended with one small boy executing an unplanned flip over his balance bike, minimal injury maximum humiliation. A great message of encouragement at church: Pray expectantly, Serve creatively, Love unconditionally. A walk in the city nearby. A hand hold and chat with my hubby in one of our family 'happy places' watching our kids run around like maniacs in an open space in the city, whilst reminiscing about watching their early steps in the same place. Pondering whether the art is bad or if we are 'misunderstanding' in a contemporary art gallery. Checking out beard rivals, him not me. Seeing my old boss from a bookshop I once worked at and not being certain if he had seen me or not or whether like me he hesitated to say hello and then the opportunity was gone. Thinking about our 17th wedding anniversary which is quickly approaching and telling my hubby about my movie drive-in idea. 

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