Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First day of school

There were no tears, neither from him nor from me. There were plenty of smiles both from him and from me. We survived! And ... he even remembered to choose the meatball option for lunch, all by himself! He was very pleased to discover that they came with broccoli too, he loves broccoli! He also saw his big brother twice at school, big brother proudly announced that they exchanged enthusiastic waves each time and informed me that little brother was getting along just fine. I wouldn't have asked big brother to feedback on little one's status but was pleased to hear this detail nonetheless. The photos here are ones I have taken over the last week, our last week together before the start of school. This kid just cracks me up, he's a pretty funny guy and really knows how to make his mama laugh. It is going to be strange for some time to come, not having this companion of mine right next to me. I'm going to miss my buddy but I will sleep more soundly tonight in the knowledge that the first day is done and dusted. I hope that in years to come I'll remember that the night before this boy of mine started school, that I heard his patter patter footsteps outside our bedroom door and as I crept out of bed I saw him suddenly looking so little and rubbing one eye gazing up at me without saying any words. I was sleeping lightly, alert, ready and expectant just in case he suddenly had a case of nerves ... I scooped him up and he buried his warm little nose into the crook of my neck and held onto my right ear lobe feeling for my earring for comfort, just as he has done since he was very small. He let out a sigh and I tucked him back into bed stroking his forehead a number of times and then the words that soothed my anxious mama heart in their delicious sleepy drawl ...  'I love you mama'!


  1. What a great and confident first day for E. And for his big brother Z, nothing to report, since he's an old hand at this school thing! I'm proud and thrilled about them both. Un abrazo from Pops.

  2. Aww thanks so much Papi! We're all really looking forward to visiting you guys very soon, much love xxx