Monday, 10 September 2012

This, that and the other

It has been some time ... again. I'm a little out of synch, a little out of rhythm, a little behind. The boys returned to school last tuesday as did my hubby and so after much summer haze and fun times, we are all a little rusty at the old routine! On day 3 of school, I was called to pick up my Zach early after a bumped head and two grazed elbows in the playground. I was pretty glad that I had gone rummaging for books for him and had found two in a charity shop earlier in the day. I'm very grateful that a good book always goes down well with this kid. One ice cream, a chorizo sandwich, plantain chips and a freddo frog later he was beginning to feel better!

My days have not quite been my own as I have been toing and froing with morning sessions whilst settling Elliott into 'proper school'! Included here are a couple of pictures of some random stickering in our neighbourhood, Elliott spotted them and was greatly amused! They brought forth some deep belly giggles! In between my toing and froing I have been sneaking in some card making, I'm trying to build up some stock. A few nights ago in a desperate attempt to end the day having made 'something', I managed to print 10 cards ready for collaging just before bed. This morning I was able to churn out quite a few too, I'm getting better at using those twenty or thirty minute gaps in the day. David Sellers, my bookworks tutor from my uni days would be proud of the editions I'm knocking out!

So, tomorrow is THE day. My little one starts full days at school and you know ... perhaps I want to shed a tear, maybe two. In private of course, I would be very disappointed in myself if a tear, yet alone more escaped whilst in public. I thought these emotions would bypass me as I made my regular affirmations of 'it's time', 'I feel fine', 'I'm excited'! Suddenly though I am aware that things are out of my control, change is here, I am no longer waiting for it to take position. It is here. Sigh ... exhale ... deep breath ... smile! Repeat.

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