Friday, 17 May 2013

A little of this week

Meeting up with old friends. You know the kind of meeting that you keep secret from your little one because you know the excitement will wake them up at 5.50am like the last piece of exciting news did that I revealed all too soon. Well meeting up with these friends generated that kind of uncontainable energy, unstoppable joy! Whilst two mama's tried their hardest to catch up on news and reminisce about old baby days, there were four now not so little people stirring up a storm. They nearly drove two mama's crazy, some cafe staff too but nothing could deter them, they were out for a good time and they had a ball! 
Keeping on finding myself smiling at my plant that is flowering again. A gift from a friend that makes me think of her daily, especially since bright red starry eyes flash their smiles at me when I come downstairs to greet them each morning. On that note I made a discovery too of the prettiest little beauty spot on a walk I took this week. Well, it was a re-discovery since it was a spot that me and the youngest boy used to frequent through wind and sleet and sun and snow. This week though an old dear of a tree heavy with bursting blossom had my full attention, the air was thick with a yummy scent of spring and some old steps persuaded me to pine for summers days spent in Oxford as a newlywed many moons ago. 
Deciding to try and finish what I started, I wandered back to the girl I began painting a few weeks ago. She started out as an exercise in familiarising myself with drawing brown people, in particular brown women since I am one myself. In fact it was because of her that I struck up a friendship with another brown woman, this one, a lovely lady named Frances all the way from Fiji. She commented on my Instagram feed and helped me to think that this painting lark was worth pursuing. She also told me the name of the flower worn in the hair - 'tekiteki', how beautiful is that! Today I added a background, I was feeling inspired by Tapa - Barkcloth paintings from the Pacific. There is a wonderful exhibition of these barkcloth paintings currently on show at the Ikon Gallery, it's well worth the trip!  

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