Tuesday, 22 February 2011

7.30am - 9.15am

Today was my lie-in. It is half-term and as hubby is a teacher this means that he too is at home. We take it in turns to have a lie-in, this is something that we take EXTREMELY serious. Woe betide the person who suggests it is his/her turn for a lie-in when in actual fact they are mistaken!!!!

So, at 7.18am today I was concentrating on getting back to my lie-in having just experienced the loud and clear 'HUMPFF' sound effects of hubby exiting our bedroom, when all I could focus on were the increasing pace of little footsteps clammering up the stairs. 'Hello', 'Hello', 'Hello' followed by my super hero strengthened Elliott opening our very difficult to open bedroom door. 'Up you go, up you go' he shouts which sounds very cute ... but ... it is 7.20am and it is my lie-in 'HUMPFF'!!!!!

So I manage to ditch the toddler but by this time I have been out of the warmth of my bed for a couple of minutes and I decide that I will use this lie-in time for creative pursuits. I shall have to do this quietly mind, for if THEY discover that I am not horizontally positioned breathing out cartoon style 'zzzzzzzzzzzz's' they will come for me!

I tip toe across the bedroom gathering my supplies and then I scatter them purposefully across the bed leaving enough space to climb back into bed, pillows propped for a sitting up session of collage/preparing backgrounds to work into in my first journal of 2011. I can't use words like 'backgrounds' and 'work into' without thinking of the fabulous Elaine Cantwell who was both mine and hubby's art&design foundation tutor who certainly taught us a thing or two about 'preparing your paper' and 'working into your backgrounds'. Elaine, how I thought of you whilst collaging in bed today!

Anyway, here are the results of 7.30am - 9.15am bar a few distractions reading about this and this.

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