Thursday, 28 July 2011

School's out for Summer!

School's out and summer is here!!!! This year the full realization of having two children with birthdays two days apart really dawned on hubby and I. Wonderful as it was to pull off a pretty impromptu party with six of Zach's friends, eight in total with our two, it was a lot to pull out of the hat the day after the end of term with a tired hubby and mummy! A great time was had by all and we simply breathed a huge sigh of relief - especially that Zach was well enough to enjoy it as he'd had high temperatures two night's running and I'd had to pick him up early on the last day of school due to a rocketing temp ... lots of drugs later the following day, he came good!!

Hubby and I made a great team decorating the fairy cakes with darth vader image and star wars text using our home made stencils and we were even ready when all the kids descended promptly. I was running on pure adrenaline having had little sleep due to nursing Zach's high temperature plus attending various farewell and birthday parties with Elliott and another very important gathering with Legsley and Fifi to celebrate Elliott's birthday at his request. As I walked round the supermarket asking Elliott to choose a cake to take to tick tocks (soft play place) I started to feel enormous guilt knowing all the effort and planning I'd gone to for Zach's first, second and third birthday (well by the third I was days away from giving birth so less effort shown that year!!) ... as the youngest of four children I'd always vowed never to let repetition and previous experience get in the way of giving a child an individual experience. eg 'Mum, what did you do for my --- birthday?' Reply 'Oh we probably didn't do anything by the time it got to you'. Failed there then. Next year, I must make an effort to do something special for Elliott. By the way, his first choice for a purchased birthday cake was some Disney Princess or other. I knew that in years to come I'd be accused of being right on and getting him to have a girlie cake for his b'day, so I showed him the very cute but small Buzz Lightyear one he'd been coveting a few days before and we had success!

We are very blessed to have been able to spend lots of time with the boys, the birthdays went on for what felt like days starting with Zach's party on the 23rd, it being Elliott's birthday on the 24th and Zach's actual birthday on the 26th ... with neccessary cakes for each of the special occasions. The beautiful photos were taken by hubby who has has a wonderful gift for capturing lovely moments, so so efforttlessly .... he also just about swallowed instagram!!

Watch this space for more ... about our summer and probably stuff about my increasing claustraphobia .... six weeks is a long time when THEY search for you even when you visit the ladies, THEY DO!!!! They - being my very lovely family of course!!!!

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