Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring ... in my step!

Well people, I've gotta tell you I am pretty, pretty happy to be able to say that I am finally feeling so much better. This time last week even, minor trips to the shop were exhausting me and the thought of spending an hour or two in the park with this boy was unthinkable! So today it was with great pleasure that my boy and I ventured to the park and like anything that you have a break from, suddenly this oh-so-familiar park that has has been a second home for many years seemed such a delight!! Crocuses, snow drops and daffodils (and other flowers I can't identify without asking mother) making first appearances splashing green grass with a little colour and that wonderful smell of ... spring, sweet spring. The boy and I talked about our absent friends, our park companions who we've shared so many lovely, lovely moments with, who due to illness couldn't be with us today and in their honour we did a circuit of favourite places and rides ... and to end the circuit, my boy announced 'and now cake at teahouse'! Now that is the imprinting of memory, since the boy and I haven't really done that much cake eating at that particular teahouse since 'said friends' and I used to go there to breastfeed our babies (cake justification!!) three odd years ago. How time flies!!!

So, this week it's back to fresh air, walking and superfoods as clearly my body and my family need to boost the immune system. We still have germs lingering but hopefully the worst is over, you never know folks I might even get round to making some art ... hmmm, one day at a time ... One day at a time.

Quote of the day: 'I love chorizo mummy!'

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  1. Ah, glad you're feeling better Katy. Nothing like spring to breathe life into us all, eh? Beautiful pics of your beautiful boy x