Friday, 2 March 2012

That which inspires ...

Yesterday I tried motivating myself into making again by gathering a little inspiration and stringing it up and what pretty pictures these strings make. I'm in need of a project except I don't know what, lots of creative energy to burn but in which direction? I'm feeling utterly cowardly (again) about the performance work and have no clue where that's going. I'm sure I'll pick it up again soon but not much strength for it right now although brimming with lots of ideas for hand made costumes to perform in - but then what? Sit my kids down to watch mummy prance around the sitting room in a creepy costume? So, before I overly irritate myself ... I decided to do what I inevitably do when I don't know what to do, make hand cut stencils for a little printmaking at home. Just the smell of oil sticks gives me peace, too stressful to think of getting etching inks out even though they are my preferred material and scent. So, what am I making? I dunno, stuff with birds in it ...


  1. So inspiring Katy that your creative fires burn brightly. You can but pour them out where you can and the universe will bring you a project. xx

  2. Thanks Zaz, the reassurance is a comfort! Just feeling a bit impatient, a little bit angsty ... I could happily draw birds and string pics all day long but I'm no Peter Pan : ( so I should probably just grow up and get a job!!!