Saturday, 17 November 2012

Girl stuff: My top five right now

Number one: Mumblecore

Now, don't get me wrong I understand that by definition I probably do not fit into this 'group' especially as I am a little 'older' than many of the filmmakers that defined this genre but hey I found it and I love it and I've always wanted to make films. I think I have one in me, maybe that's my next step. Although be warned, 'maybe that's my next step' is a phrase currently free falling from my mouth wherever I am, whomever I'm with!

I currently have a little bit of a girl hero crush on Lena Dunham. I say girl to emphasise that the stuff I am exploring in this post is really all the coulda, woulda, shoulda stuff missing from my youth. I'm pretty sure the moment's passed for all this stuff in my life but I am indulging myself, this is the stuff that is making my heart go skippety, skip skip skip! If I could make Lena Dunham my friend and hang out with her for a few days, with my notebook in hand, I could become the 'woman' version of Lena Dunham. It sounds a bit superhero ish doesn't it? Well, I've been thinking about it a lot!

Number two: Longboarding

It is a time in my life where I realize that it is important to regain my fitness levels. I say regain because when I was at uni some sixteen odd years ago I had to use a bike as a means of transport and I got really fit, I then added some Jane Fonda aerobics and I got abs and great triceps!  Also eight years ago when I conceived my first child I was really fit and I maintained that till he was about two years old. In my mind I had hoped that these periods of fitness were not too far apart for my 'muscle memory' to have expired but alas it was only when I began typing that I realized how long ago these periods of being fit were. Defeated, me? No way. Since discovering this Longboard Girls Crew I have been inspired to get try and get fit again. You can't do cool impromptu youthful stuff when your stomachs get in the way and no my use of plural in 'stomachs' is not an error! My get fit plan has had a little interruption but I'm using some very helpful and effective knee strengthening exercises from my youtube physio and after a few days of rest and gentle strengthening I think I'm ready to do some fat blasting! Once I'm feeling a little fitter and free-er, I'm taking my board on a long ride! This is a metaphor, it's very unlikely I will actually get on a long board! I can't even skate! 

Number three: Drawing 

I came across the work of Illustrator Fiona Biddington and I love it! Not much else to say, it's just my kind of thing. I love her style, her comprehensive body of work, the way she has work divided easily into themes. It is very much how I would like to work, with clarity and self discipline within the the very free framework of a wiggly drawing style.

Number four: Words that conjur a thousand stories

I read an interview with textile designer Isabel Wilson by Nina Schwarz in Freunde von Freunden magazine and her words greatly inspired me! The first question that she is asked by Schwarz is: 'When you were a child, what kind of textures awakened your curiosity to create?' This nostalgic and beautiful and inquisitive question in itself got me excitedly thinking about what my own response would be and Isabel Wilson's response had me yearning  to gather and store, gather and store. Her response to the question is this:

'The need to collect runs in the family for sure. My dad was an inventor and an avid collector of unusual treasures. His office was literally stacked high with slide drawers that he compulsively catalogued all of his many collections. Each drawer had a carefully rendered label that he drew by hand with his Rapidograph pens and inside there could be anything from paper clips, rare gems, humorous newspaper clippings, special tools, even stale gum. Somehow, everything was treated with equal care, which gave value to the more ordinary objects. I loved being sick because that meant I got to spend time with my mom and dad at the office and dig through it all. He had a sign on the door that said, “The creative mind needs stuff,” or something like that…'

My response to hearing Isabel speaking about the objects and people and experiences that inform her creative process reminded me that 'the work' isn't always about the end product. Her words served as a delightful reminder of how important it is to embed enjoyment in the process of 'making'. For the process of making and creating to feel like breathing and part of my day to day, part of my history. I must remember this.

Number five: A hippy at heart

Since discovering the world of blogging I have come across hundreds and hundreds of beautiful blogs. People writing beautiful words, sharing amazing experiences, photographs and art work. There are so many talented people out there that in some ways you become a little blase. Well the other day I came across Anne Parker's blog citycountrycity and the experience was like a hot water bottle, a blanket, a great film, a good book, chocolate and ice cream rolled into one! In fact it was a wet and windy monday morning when I discovered it. I was just back from dropping the kids at school, feeling a little tired and feeling the great overwhelm of a monday morning and as soon as I read the first blog post, I stopped and made myself a hot chocolate and got myself a family favourite square knitted blanket and nestled down for some serious reading! It was this post in particular that blew me away! It reminded me of all the reasons that I got married when I was 20 years old, it reminded me of the simplicity of it all and how much I still really treasure that. I love the look of this special day and maybe in three years time when it's mine and my hubby's 20th wedding anniversary, maybe he'll wear a long beard and I'll wear a pretty dress and flowers in my hair and we'll stand in the outdoors and ask our friends and loved ones to share a mug of wine with us. If we do, it will be bliss.


  1. What sweet words these are - thank you. I love finding that inspiration, and am happy to know that sometimes I can be the source of it. <3

    1. Thank you! I love reading your words and seeing your beautiful pictures! Wishing you happy adventures!