Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Beard that Grew and Grew

When my eldest was little we spent many delicious hours in charity shops looking at old books, a happy past time that I couldn't wait to share with my off spring. My intention was always to use the local shops as a library, reading and returning books once they were finished with. This never quite panned out as I would fall instantly in love with pictures or words or indeed both and could not bare to be parted from these precious finds. Tales of Magic and Make-Believe illustrated by Robert Tyndall is one such book that I could not return! One of my favourite stories EVER is The Beard that Grew and Grew. I read this to the boys this morning before the walk to school as reward for good time keeping. I needed to start my day with a little magic and this book is the gift that keeps on giving! 

There are days for feeling sorry for yourself, I've had a few of those lately ... I think. There are also days where you feel dusted in a little magic, a little like the remains of icing sugar dust on your hands and clothes when you're baking with little ones. Today the magic started with that quiet time sandwiched between my boys, their warmth pressed against me as I uttered some of my favourite words and drew the best picture I've drawn all week:

'He gathered camomile flowers from his garden and soaked them in rain water. Then he boiled them in a big saucepan on his stove, and when the brew had cooled he rubbed it into his beard as a lotion.'

The magic continued as I sat, metaphorically with my head in my hands sharing my angst with a dear friend whilst drinking a festive flavoured mocha and indulging guilt free in a spiced apple and pecan muffin. My dear friend told me the world is my oyster and I should fear not and as I looked into her beautiful, piercing blue eyes I believed every word she said. And you know, as I walked up the path to my home and waved my dear friend goodbye I'm pretty sure I saw a little sparkly dust in the air as she drove off, in fact I'm sure of it! 

The result of years of not parting with beloved books!

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